Mark Ward - Baritone & Alto Sax
Bands Past & Present

St. Charles Municipal Band 1970-71
Conductron (McDonnell Douglas) Orchestra 1971-72
Harvester Christian Church Praise Band 2001-2009
Ridgecrest Baptist Church Praise Band 2009-2014
Northwinds Concert Band 2001-2011
The Matt McCallie Orchestra 2015
St. Charles County Symphony Orchestra 2011-Current
Town & Country Symphony Orchestra 2011- Current
The Galaxies 2015- Current
"I started playing clarinet at the age of 10.  By the time I attended St. Charles High I switched to saxophone.  I had the benefit of having a great mentor Melvin Breidenbach and we remained friends until he passed away in 2009 at the age of 90.  As a musician I have had the privilege of playing internationally in the former Soviet Union and in Europe. My past work includes church praise bands, various orchestras and community bands.  Currently I am active in The St. Charles County and Town & Country Symphony Orchestras  and since 2015 with the Galaxies.   As part of a generation that grew up in the 1960's I am seriously into power brass music.  I enjoy working with the Galaxies and you can't ask for a better bunch of musicians!  I am a retired St. Charles Teacher, run my own computer consulting firm and  currently serve as a technical advisor for the Galaxies. I  host their website on one of my servers." - Mark 

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