John Evans
Bands Past & Present

Vocalist - Smokey Joe & the Westerners 1959-61

Lead Singer - The Invictas 1961

Lead Singer - Joe Burger & The Premiers 1962-65

Lead Singer - Connie Dean & The A GoGos 1965-69

Lead Singer - Larry Ham & The Van Dykes  1967-70

Lead Singer- The Clique 1970

Founded the group Old Kids On The Block 1992-2003

Lead Singer - The Galaxies  2013-Present
Lead Vocals & Keyboard
"John is multi-talented and can play alto sax, harmonica and guitar in addition to keyboard.  I often get feedback from members of the audience about the power and quality of his vocals and technical ability on the keys.  He has appeared at many clubs in St. Louis and surrounding areas in many venues. It is always great to work with John."  - Mark W.

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