Herman "Scott" Burcham Guitar & Vocals
Bands Past & Present

1965-67 - The Daybreaks
1969-70 - The Harvey Wallbangers
1970-72 - The American Dream
1972-77 - The Spirit of St. Louis
1979-83 - Profit
1999-01 - After Five
2016- Present - Around Four
2017- Present - The Galaxies

"I started playing clarinet in 7th grade and by the time I got to Central High School I was in the concert band.  Boy I hated football games and marching. 1965 I wanted to be one of the Beatles and picked up guitar, but many Sunday nights at Music Palace and other Teen Towns introduced me to my true love of horns and soul music. Nothing can beat the sound of a tight horn section! I was lucky enough to get with a local band called The Harvey Wallbangers after I got out of the Army. We played steadily around St Louis as the American Dream and then I went on the road with them as the Spirit of St Louis. After about 6 years on the road I returned to complete my education and have recently retired from a wonderful career in Pulmonary Functions and Clinical Research." - Scott

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2017 The Galaxies Band